Trauma Oxygen Unit

The SOS Technologies Trauma Unit is the most advanced and reliable first responder device available in today’s work place. Designed for its ease of operation, durability, and reliability, it is complete and ready to use the moment an emergency occurs!

Compare the benefits of the SOS Trauma Unit:
1. Easy to operate, single on-off lever reduces responder anxiety.
2. Pre-set at 6 liters minimum per minute oxygen flow meeting FDA preset flow requirements.
3. Dual purpose face mask provides for both inhalation and resuscitation.
4. Includes a trauma kit with emergency supplies, personal protection equipment, and a complete blood borne pathogen (BBP) protection kit for the responder. The kit can be customized to your needs.
5. Convenient storage keeps all emergency supplies in one place.
6. Easy to carry with a side handle for greater balance.
7. Two stage regulator delivers oxygen for 60-80 minutes of oxygen meeting FDA requirements.
8. Handy wall mount for convenient storage.
9. All of our customers receive a unique complete service and maintenance program.

Our experienced service technicians provide you with:

  • Semi-annual service checks
  • Oxygen training classes
  • Regulatory upgrades
  • Trauma kit/BBP kit inspections
  • Replacement parts
  • Hydrostatic/Ultrasonic testing
In addition, most locations provide on-site emergency oxygen refills within 24 hours.
Oxygen saves lives! Join more than 60,000 satisfied SOS Technologies Customers throughout the United States and Puerto Rico who believe in worker safety, emergency response and the value of emergency oxygen.

Why is emergency oxygen so important during an emergency?

Life-threatening emergencies are usually accompanied  by low oxygen levels (not enough oxygen supply to the brain and heart).  Within a few minutes, the brain could begin to die.  Low oxygen levels to the heart may lead to heart attack.  After calling 911, opening the airway, breathing, (CPR) with emergency Oxygen when available are the next steps in the Chain of Survival.

Who needs oxygen?

ANY — victim of life -threatening illness or injury – without exception!

Oxygen and Automated Defibrillation

With the rapidly increasing deployment of Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) into the workplace, the role of Emergency Oxygen use before the defibrillator arrives must be emphasized.  The American Heart Association’s science is clear that in acute ventricular fibrillation the ideal immediate life-saving treatment is rapid defibrillation.  It is likely that the AED will have to be retrieved from a location other than that of the victim.  During the delay, effective CPR gives the victim the best chance for survival when the AED arrives.  The use of Emergency Oxygen coupled with the rescue breathing barrier mask greatly enhances oxygen levels to the victim, and the effectiveness of CPR until the AED arrives.

Solutions from SOS Technologies

In the event that the defibrillation attempt is successful, providing the reviving victim supplemental oxygen is the single most important first aid contribution to preventing re-fibrillation. It should be maintained until the next level of care is rendered. (American Heart Association Guidelines)