SOS Technologies
The SOS Technologies Trauma Unit is the most advanced and reliable emergency Oxygen inhalator available. It is designed to serve commercial, industry and municipal businesses with its ease of operation, durability and reliability. It is complete and ready to use the moment an emergency occurs.

Compare the benefits of the SOS Trauma Unit

Easy to operate, single on-off lever reduces responder anxiety.   Easy to carry with a side handle for greater balance.
Pre-set oxygen flow allows for safe operation by any non-medical responder. Meeting or Exceeding FDA Requirement.   Two stage brass regulator delivers oxygen for 60 - 88 minutes Meeting or FDA Requirement.
Dual purpose face mask provides for both inhalation and resuscitation.   Handy wall mount for convenient storage.
Includes a trauma kit with emergency supplies, personal protection equipment the kit can be customized to your needs.   All of our customers receive a unique complete service and maintenance program.
Convenient storage keeps all emergency supplies in one place.      
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