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  Automated External Defibrillation > Determine Deployment Criteria
  The AED program manager must develop and document deployment policies and procedures to ensure consistency throughout the organization. Organizational resources in management, law, and medicine should be pooled to develop and document a policy that addresses:
  • how broadly AEDs will be deployed throughout the organization,
  • what criteria will be used to determine which facilities will get AEDs, and
  • the timeframe for full organization-wide deployment and training.

The chief factors affecting deployment criteria include the financing committed to the project and federal, state, local, and medical regulations. The financing may impact the breadth of the program and the implementation timeframe. Laws and regulations pertaining to medical oversight and training must be ascertained and followed for every site where AEDs will be placed. If the organization does not have legal and medical advisors and the manager does not feel qualified in these areas, help is available from SOS Technologies.


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